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Starting To Write Again

writing-923882_640Hi Fellow Followers!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m back and happy to be a writer again. Many things have happened and I’m glad to have my feet underneath me again.


I have to thank the Aurora Writer’s Group, this group is the reason I’m inspired to start writing and helping you write again. They are a great team of writers who are at all levels of in their stories but we encourage each other to keep writing.

I want to share that inspiration with you.

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Theme’s Important

Fantasy-forestYes, when reading the title of this post it sounds like a kid with a really bad lisp saying seems important. But that doesn’t take away from the fact: Theme is important!

The theme helps focus the story and what you want the readers to learn. Without a theme to the story there is no reason for the reader to follow the story. There is nothing a reader can take away from the story.

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Writing Believability

Night-Watch-BlogCharacters and the worlds created for them need to be believable.

No matter what types of stories you write characters cannot have skills they didn’t have in the beginning. Such as, a FBI agent who suddenly realize she knows kung fu even though it was never mentioned in the book prior to them having to fight off an army of ninja’s and the agent has lost her gun.

This is especially true in speculative writing. The worlds of sci-fi and fantasy still need to have rules. Continue reading

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