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Starting To Write Again

writing-923882_640Hi Fellow Followers!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m back and happy to be a writer again. Many things have happened and I’m glad to have my feet underneath me again.


I have to thank the Aurora Writer’s Group, this group is the reason I’m inspired to start writing and helping you write again. They are a great team of writers who are at all levels of in their stories but we encourage each other to keep writing.

I want to share that inspiration with you.

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Theme’s Important

Fantasy-forestYes, when reading the title of this post it sounds like a kid with a really bad lisp saying seems important. But that doesn’t take away from the fact: Theme is important!

The theme helps focus the story and what you want the readers to learn. Without a theme to the story there is no reason for the reader to follow the story. There is nothing a reader can take away from the story.

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Genre vs. Genre

Pride & PredatorSo many times I read through the internet on writing and what people enjoy and several posts about what they hate. Of course authors think the genre we write in is the best, why won’t we? That’s why we write what we write, right? So how can we challenge the judgements against genres outside of our own?
As a fellow writer, I gravitate toward my favorite authors and genres as well. Are we able look at other genres without becoming judgmental? There is a difference between judgement and discernment. Judgement shows a declaration of something either being good or bad, right or wrong. Discernment means we have a clear idea about differing categories while being able to point out the differences between genres. It is a willingness to look at other categories as a way to expand and grow our writing without being willful to our own likings.

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Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Hello world! Hands on KeyboardI’m here to help you write and keep writing! I love reading books as much as I love writing them so I decided to start my blog with the hopes to attract more writers like me. I wanted a happy place filled with great writing tips and tricks to keep us writers going. I love stories, how they come together and watching the words fall into place is fascinating to me, hence this blog. A blog to build a writing community where we help each other write the best stories in the known universe!

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