Creatures of Trend

Vampire-SmokeI’m a huge fan of the paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and all the subgenres underneath. I love reading about worlds with alternative realities and creatures hidden in the shadows. I’m also a huge fan of what the future could be like and exploring space, even the darkest regions. The visions of creatures created by authors and artists are so intriguing and I find myself getting lost in those worlds.


Personally, I don’t mind the traditional rules of the creatures, vampires fear of sunlight, werewolves fear of the full moon and silver, or zombies having to be killed with a blow to the head. Of course I love unique takes on the mythology of the creatures, it makes the stories interesting to read and a unique take on classic monsters so many of us know and love.

I’m interested in the trends of the next creature. Vampires become popular followed by werewolves, then the obsession with zombies. Not that any of these mythical beings ever fully fall off the spectrum. There are so many to choose from like aliens, Sasquatch, ghosts, and dragons. I want to hear what you think the next big monster will be. So leave a comment below and let’s discuss the next big creature feature!

So get creative with your monsters and keep writing!

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4 thoughts on “Creatures of Trend


    Changelings that are secretly left in place of a human child. With all of the feelings of disconnect- a changeling of a troll, elf, or fairy will speak to the younger generations with defuse identity.

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    • Infinity

      Wow! I really like this! I would love to read a book that had changelings that were slowly taking over. It would be interesting to find out what they want and the end game for taking all the children.

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  2. Mad Scientists! Genetic mutations done by unnecessary scientific experiments

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    • Infinity

      Nice! I would love to see what kind of creations a mad scientist would create. So many great stories, especially in the genres I read, start with science going wrong but I love the idea of a mad scientist creating mutants and what they do with these creatures.

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