Favorite Writing Books

RobotCreating Worlds

Some of my favorite writing books are on creating the world for your characters. This can become especially complicated when trying to create fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, and futuristic type worlds. I find myself asking things such as: Is my magic too powerful? Is the world I created believable?

In every genre there are rules to follow to make the story believable. The last thing you want as a writer is for your readers to pull away of the story and think, “That doesn’t seem right.” You want your readers to forget that they are reading and believable worlds are the best way.

But not to worry, there are great books out there to help you create believable worlds no matter which genre you write in. I have included a list of my top 5 books for creating great worlds.

Personal favorite books for creating a world for your story:

1. Worlds of Wonder by David Gerrold

2. On Writing Horror edited by Mort Castle

3. Now Write: Science Fiction and Fantasy by Laurie Lamson

4. On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels

5. Writing The Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper

Exercises and Inspiration

As a writer I get stuck on what to write next or feel that my writing could use a little love. There are days I become frustrated with my writing because the right words aren’t hit the page. My descriptions become two-dimensional and my characters fall into stereotypes. As a writer that is a big flag that I need a writing boost.

I’m a big believer that as writers we should always be improving. Exercises, whether they help with the current story or give us ideas for the next great novel, are ways to look at writing from a different perspective. One great thing about exercises and writing inspiration books is they pull you out of the rut you are stuck in and give you those ideas to keep going. Another great thing about writing exercises is they help expand our writing arsenal.

I have found several books on writing to help with writer’s block and help push my writing to the next level. Below is a list of my five favorite books for just that.

Personal favorite books for exercises and inspiration:

1. 14 Writing Prompts by Joe Bunting (Free if you subscribe on the Write Practice site)

2. 250 Things You Should Know About Writing by Chuck Wendig

3. 3 A.M. Epiphany by Brian Kiteley

4. The Writing Warrior by Laraine Herring

5. Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner

Writing Improvement

One of the most frustrating parts of being a writer is finding books that help improve writing and inspire us to keep going. I like finding out what is trending or what are some of the ways to make our writing stronger can be hard to find with all the great resources out there for writers now. You might ask yourself, “How can my writing stand out against all the other amazing writers out there?” I know that it has to do with finding your voice and writing what you love. Of course we can all use a little spice and inspiration.

Personal favorite books for better writing:

1. Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass

2. Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik

3. Showing & Telling by Laurie Alberts

4. On Writing by Stephen King

5. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & Dave King

Please list in the comments some of your favorite writing books!

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